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This machine can be used to fill and package powder type products like milk powder, instant coffee, instant powder drinks into the 4 side seal...

 6 Other machines /  Turkey / 41 views


Our company introduce advanced technology, (wet wipe producing or Refreshing Cologne Sachet Machine) with production and packaging quality, energy consumption, automatic control of complete, stable...

 6 Other machines /  Turkey / 44 views


Falcerka B3


Sprzedamy mało używaną falcerkę francuskiej firmy Sofrapli cena 4000 PLN. Prowadzimy małą drukarnię cyfrową i możliwości techniczne tego urządzenia przewyższają nasze potrzeby. Nie robimy tak...

 6 Other machines /  Poland / 52 views


the machine was bought by Heidelberg structure in Germany in 2010

 Sheet fed offset /  Poland / 126 views

 Die cutters /  Europe / 111 views


We have for sale SOMA machinery for die cutting aluminum lids with 2 knurling rollers (worm and needle type) and 2 cutting matrix (fi 75,5...

 6 Other machines /  Poland / 152 views


Antibacterial Disinfecting WET Wipes PACKAGING MACHINE Description: Suitable for Antibacterial Disinfecting wipes, ideal for personal care, home surfaces, offices, and schools., , It’s a seal...

 6 Other machines /  Europe / 189 views


thermal plate recorder Plate count: running time: 29.944,61hexposure time: 4.908,,51plate winding cycle: 68.277Light source:3 laser heads Gen II. 64 laser diodes. Resolution 2540 dpi Internal...

 CTP systems /  Netherland / 170 views




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