Vidart has been working for the printing and packaging industry since the late 1980s.

Initially, the main field of activity was the import and brokerage of machines, mainly printing and post-press.

We developed the unique project which was printing and sending directly (yes, the beginnings of direct marketing in Poland) a list of used machines available, mainly in Europe. The list was created every month from a database of several thousand offers. At that time, it was a unique product – it was a period when the first printing and packaging companies were just being created, and information about available machines was a sought-after good. The management of state-owned companies (most large companies in the industry) was amazed that their machine is worth not 20,000 German marks, but 350,000 German marks.

Today, sending printed lists with machine offers does not make sense, time runs faster for each of us, customers expect information immediately, preferably the possibility of direct contact with the seller.
We can still help clients with our knowledge and experience, knowledge of industry issues in several languages – Polish, English, German, Swedish, Russian, but they already have these qualifications personally or their employees have them.

That is why this portal was created – to provide the best sales and contact tool for our friends and partners.

Since vidart has been the publisher of leading magazines and portals for managers of the printing and packaging industry since 1991, we continue to provide information that is to help you run your business and achieve success, being one step ahead of your competitors.  is a portal aggregating the most interesting news from around the world, from thousands of sources, not just industry-specific  – is the best database of information about companies operating in printing and packaging in Poland. – is our oldest portal in a new installment presenting information that helps to run a business more than presenting professional knowledge – this role is currently fulfilled by, where information appears the fastest, first hand, before the competition translates it, based on thousands of sources, also from outside our industry, while avoiding errors that occur in such situations, sometimes serious. – portal presenting the content of the wonderful publication “Print Partner – Excellence in the printing and packaging industry” – reports, trends, interviews with global industry leaders, extensive presentations of the best and largest Polish printing plants.

These modern, responsive portals present themselves best, so I invite you to use them and possibly continue reading about how they are built, how to use them best, how to use them for the success of your own company already on these portals.