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This web portal is to allow print and packaging professionals to build their knowledge more easily. Please share your thoughts, ideas to make it better and better with us at our e-mail address at: ideas(at) If you wish to share an important message or knowledge – do not hesitate to forward it to us at readersnews(at)

More about PrintPackHub: for foreigners

If you do not know Polish, use Chrome browser and set the appropriate languages in it – it will look like the screenshots from the smartphone attached here

Translating some of the other names hidden a little deeper, such as: “Kod pocztowy” (ZIP code) or “nazwa lub słowo kluczowe” (name or keyword) will easily do Google translator 🙂

Find the best partner in the printing o...

Our new portal is created to help you and your clients in establishing and maintaining contacts, searching for the company whose offer meets your expectations . is created in Polish – don’t you know this language -= no problem – go to

It is created for:

– managers od printing and packaging companies
– members of the purchasing department of brand owners and other clients of the printing and packaging industry
– representatives of producers and suppliers offering products and services for companies operating in the printing and packaging industry

This is a presentation of:

  • – about 1,200 companies
    – 25 products as a search criterion in the offer of printing houses and packaging producers
    – 11 products as a search criterion in the offer of prepress machinery suppliers
    – 23 products as a search criterion in the offer of printing machinery suppliers
    – 28 products as a search criterion in the offer of postpress machinery suppliers

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